How do I ‘Quarantine’ a part in CODIS

This function is used to block the sale of a specific number of items or units at a specific location.  Parts can be quarantined to block the sale and later un-quarantined to free them to be sold at a later time.  Below are the steps you take to accomplish these two tasks.

Quarantining a part:

You will begin by going to the ‘Inventory Management’ menu.  Once there run the ‘Inventory Transaction/Adjustment Entry’ menu option.  Here you will enter the warehouse, manufacturer code, and part number for the part(s) you would like to quarantine.

At the TXN code you may type a ‘?’ to see the available options or just enter ‘QUA’ to Quarantine stock.

Next you will enter the number of parts you would like to quarantine.

You will then be asked for a note/explanation.  Fill one in if possible and type ‘CTRL-Z’ and your transaction will be posted.  You have now quarantined those parts.

To reverse quarantine follow these steps below.  They are basically the same steps but entering a negative quantity.

Here you see we have entered another quarantine transaction for warehouse 1 on MFG,Part Number BS,4101.  This time however we are entering a negative quantity.  This action will reverse quarantine 5 parts from warehouse 1.  You will also be prompted for a reason/explanation.  Enter the reason and type ’CTRL-Z’ then enter and the parts will become available to sell once again.