Requiring Ticket Notes

We’ve made a change to allow for “requiring” ticket notes for specific users.  Here’s how it works:

Set field 28 of the Client Options codes record to ‘Yes’.

Add an E-Mail Group codes record with code key TKNOTE_REQ1 that contains the usernames of those required to enter ticket notes.

Once you’ve set the Client Option codes record to require ticket notes and added the E-Mail Group codes record identifying the specific users, then CODIS will display a “Ticket Notes Required”  message at the bottom of the screen when one of the specified users is viewing a ticket.

If the user chooses to exit here the program will display ticket notes and expect the user to add a note.  If the user chooses to exit without adding a note then a note will be added for them stating username, date and time, and a “Viewed Ticket ONLY” message.

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