How do I add a sales type code for use in the Product File Editor

Items in your product file can be associated with a “sales type” code (at the item level) that can be used in sales analysis.  This proves useful in that the sales type code can be completely independent of a manufacturer and/or product code.  For example, an item could be associated with a sales type code identified as “Captive Item” which could mean the item is NOT available from aftermarket sources whereas another item could be associated with a sales type code of “Highly Competitive Item” which could indicate the item IS available from aftermarket sources.

To be able to use a sales type code, you must first create the sales type code.  Create the sales type code in the Codes File Editor, 70/50 from the main CODIS menu.  The code type is TYPE_CODES.  The 6 character file name is PRODCT.  The field number in the product file record is field #50.  The field type code is the numeral that you want to associate to the sales type (numeral 21 in the screen shot below).  The description is what you want to name the sales type (HIGHLY COMPETITIVE ITEM in the screen shot below).  Leave the field identified as “reporting code” blank.

To use the newly created sales type code use the Product File Editor, 20/30/70 from the main CODIS menu.

Enter the manufacturer and item number you want to associate with the new sale type code.  Select line #37 for editing.  Enter “C” to make changes.

The new sales type code will be displayed in the scrolling area.

At the “Line # to toggle prompt, type the numeral associated with the sales type code you want to change to “Yes”.  An item can be associated with multiple sales type codes.  Press <enter> when you finished selecting sales type codes.

Make any other changes to the product file record needed and then save your changes.