Inventory In-progess Flag

Most all CODIS clients are taking advantage of the IC-COM (Inter CODIS Communications) protocol that allows CODIS clients to share inventory.  In the past, inventory sharing was a problem when one or more locations were not shipping product in a timely manner due to physical inventory.  CODIS has added an “Inventory In-progress” flag to the warehouse options codes record that will pass back a message stating “Inventory in Progress – No Information Available”.  Here’s how and where to set the flag when your location is doing inventory.

In the Codes File Editor (70/50 from the main CODIS menu), type “whse” <enter>.  Type “C” <enter> for change mode.  Type the warehouse code of the warehouse that’s doing inventory and press <enter>.  Type “WHSE-OPTION1” <enter>.  Type “13” <enter>.  Type “Y” <enter>.  Now press <enter> to save your changes.  Here’s what the record should look like when you’ve turned the “Inventory In=progress” flag on.

click on image for larger view

Change the “Inventory In-progress” flag back to “N” when your physical inventory has been completed and you’re back to shipping orders.

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