New Persona Access Feature

Customers accessing CODIS via Persona often perform a “Product Stock Inquiry” at their front counter in clear view of their customer.  By default, the list price and your customer’s cost are displayed on the inquiry screen.  Displaying “cost” while the customer is viewing the inquiry results is undesirable.  CODIS has a new feature allowing Product Stock Inquiry to NOT display list and cost as the default for those customers that request this as their default.

We’ve added field #15 to the “DU” (dialup parameter) codes record “Start PSINQ w/list-price Y/N”.  From the main CODIS menu, go to 70, System Utilities then 50, Edit Codes File Records. At the Code type prompt, type “DIAL” <enter>.  in change mode, enter the customer number of the account you want to change and then set field #15 to “Y” as indicated in the screen shot.

click on image for larger view

When the customer displays an item in Product Stock Inquiry, ONLY list price will be shown.  To display cost, the customer can use the “/LP” option at the part number prompt.  The /LP option allows the user to “toggle” between displaying list price only and displaying list and cost.