Persona Users View of Supersedure Information

When a “Persona” user inquires on the availability of an item in Product Stock Inquiry and that item has been superseded then the user may or may not be able to see all supersedure information.  For example – the user is assigned to shipping warehouse 1 and warehouse 1 is “out of stock” on an item that has been superseded BUT warehouse 2 does have stock in the original item.  By default, the user will be shown the supersedure information relating the original item and it’s superseding number.  The intent is to NOT show supersedure information as long as the item is in stock at any warehouse.  This practice may not be suitable for every user, therefore we’ve made a change to “show all” supersedure information to Persona users that is controlled by the ‘DU’ (dialup parameters) codes record.  Control can be enforced at the default, warehouse, or customer level.  Here’s how – in the respective ‘DU’ codes record, place “/R,” in field #25 of the record.