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Direct Shipment Processing


Direct shipments are contained in batches identified as “Direct-shipment”. If an electronic invoice contains items requiring review they will be placed in the “Direct-shipment-RR-EINV-batch” whereas those electronic invoices not requiring review will be in the “Direct-shipment-EINV-batch”. This allows you to process the batches not requiring review more quickly and give attention to those requiring review as a separate process. Batches are created each time electronic invoices are received by the system.


Steps in processing a direct shipment through receiving system are as follows:

  1. Go to Entry/Edit mode
  2. Select the “Direct-Shipment” batch to process
  3. Review the batch as needed
  4. Putaway/close the entire batch or selected invoices
  5. Create/print the price receivers
  6. Customer invoicing happens automatically
  7. Reconciliation of the invoice and payables voucher to receiver is automated if “auto” vouching is enabled


Getting Started –

From the Enter/Edit mode and after entering the warehouse code, enter the line number associated with the “Direct-shipment-EINV-batch”.

The electronic invoices are displayed along with details regarding when the item was added to the batch and vendor information.

Enter the line number associated with the invoice you want to display.

Enter the line number associated with the PO you want to display.

Review the details of the electronic invoice.

Back out of the invoice view. Enter a backslash (“”).

Back out of the purchase order view. Enter a backslash (“”).

You can putaway the items associated with a particular electronic invoice or choose to putaway the entire “Direct-shipment” batch. Batch putaway is the most efficient however for instructional purposes we will putaway a single electronic packing list/invoice.

Enter “/P” to put away a packing list.

Enter the line number associated with the packing list you are putting away.

Confirm the packing list put-away.

The packing list is queued for put-away.

The packing list now indicates a status of “IN-PROG” while processing then switches to a status of “PUTAWAY” along with the user and date of put-away.

Close the packing list using the “/C” option.

Enter the line number associated with the batch to be closed.

Confirm closure of the packing list.

The packing list is queued to be closed.

The packing list status now indicates “CLOSED” along with the user and date closed.

Print the priced receiver using the “/V” option.

Enter the line number associated with the packing list to create the priced receiver.

You can view or print the priced receiver.

Enter the line number associated with the priced receiver to view it.

You can print the priced receiver after viewing it by using the “/P” option.

Select your sorting preference.

Select your printer.

The priced will print on the specified printer.

The system will automatically invoice the customer for the direct shipped items you just processed. Here’s the invoice.

The process of receiving and invoicing for the direct shipment is complete.

Address Validation

The CODIS address validation mechanism works through an interface with StrikeIron, Inc.

Here’s an overview of what the StrikeIron subscription provides..


  • Validates, corrects, and standardizes addresses, adds ZIP+4, carrier routes, latitude and longitude, and more
  • Can be invoked for a single address or as a batch process (Results are returned in one batch of 100)
  • Easily integrated into websites, applications, and more


  • Enhance lead and contact record data quality
  • Improve deliverability of shipments, direct mail campaigns, and more
  • Reduce costly database scrubbing and maintenance

The CODIS interface to the StrikeIron service is already installed on your CODIS system. Address validation/correction can be activated once you’ve obtained a subscription along with login credentials from StrikeIron, Inc.