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Creating Order Method Specific Promo Codes

You can create ‘order method’ specific promotional codes. In other words, you can create a promo code that ONLY users ordering via Persona or electronically (EDI, CODIS Access, Web, etc.) can take advantage. Conversely, you can create a promo code specifically for your Customer Care folks.

In the codes file editor when adding a promo code, field 10 has been added to allow you to specify the order methods allowed to use the promo code. In the screenshot below, users ordering via Persona (order method D) and/or via EDI, CODIS Access, Web, etc. (order method E) can benefit from the promotion.


Overriding a Price Matrix at Order Entry

In Order Entry and at the “Number to Change” prompt, type “/P” and press <enter>.

At the “Old price code ……, change to…” prompt, enter the price matrix you want to use to price each of the items on this order and press <enter>. Each item on the order will be priced according to the price matrix you specify. Any backorders resulting from this order will also be priced according to the price matrix you specify. Changing the price matrix on an order constitutes a price override therefore any backorders resulting from the order will NOT be re-priced upon release.