Assisting a User via CONTRL

You can provide assistance to a user via CONTRL. CONTRL is a program on the CODIS system that allows you to connect to a user’s active session and watch or take over the session. The user and individual controlling the session see the active screen. Both users have keyboard privileges. If the user needing assistance is having trouble with a particular task then the user providing the assistance can use the CONTRL feature as a training aid. CONTRL is especially helpful when working with a new Persona user. It’s also helpful for in-house training.

From the main CODIS menu go to 10/200, Management Viewer.

Enter the “ASSIST plus the username of the user that you are assisting at the “CONTRL” prompt and press <enter>. We’re assisting user 102691 in the example so the correct entry at the “CONTRL” prompt would be “ASSIST 102691”.

The first screen you see displays information relative to the session you are assisting.

You will see the user’s screen once they refresh their screen. They can refresh their screen by typing “R” <enter>.

You see everything they enter as it occurs. They see everything you enter as it occurs.

To discontinue assisting the user, type “B” <enter>. At the “CONTRL” prompt, type “EXIT” <enter>.

Press <enter> again.

You have returned to your own active session.

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