Default Promo Codes

You can create a default promotional code that prompts the user for a legitimate promo code during order entry. For example, you have an item on “promo” and you’ve used various methods for getting the promotional information out to your customers. You want to determine which method works best. By using a default promotional code and associating the default promo code to actual promotional methods you can run sales analysis after the promotional period to determine the promotional method that worked best.

Here’s how to set it up:

Add promo codes records for the promotional method specific codes used. In the following example I’ve added T-1 through T-4 as promotional method specific entries. Field 2 of the ‘PM’ codes record defines the promo code and field 4 describes the promotional method.

Define the “default” promo codes record as indicated in the following screen shot. Field 2 is the default promo code to be used for the promotion. Field 4 describes the promo code. Field 6 identifies the promo code that will be used in the price matrix to determine the special pricing. Field 7 contains the method specific promo codes that will appear in a popup when the item is entered during order entry. Field 8 contains text the will appear in the popup as the popup “header”. Field 9 contains the fallback method specific promo code that will be used if the user doesn’t select a method specific promo code from the popup.

Add a ‘GS’, general string codes record to define the default promo for a specific billing warehouse. Field 2 contains the code key of “DEF_PROMOS_” plus the billing warehouse code (warehouse 2 is used in the example). Field 3 contains the default promo code being used. Multiple default promo codes can exist for a billing warehouse (separated by commas – TEST,DIY,APR12).

Add the newly created default promotion to the price matrix. In most cases, all customers don’t receive the same promotional price so you will only add the new promotion to the appropriate price matrices. The following screen shot displays an item being added to price matrix 999 with a special price (defined in field 5), a promotional period with a start date and ending date (defined in fields 2 and 3), and the default price matrix (defined in field 4).

When the customer’s order is being priced by the promotional price matrix and the item that’s being promoted is entered then the user is asked to select a promotion method. The promotion method selected is stored in the order detail record and can be used for sales analysis reporting later.

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