Force Allocating an Item in Order Entry

Occasionally you may need to “force” allocate an item in Order Entry even though the item is not “available” for allocation. Perhaps the item has just arrived but not been received into stock or the inventory count incorrect and you physically have the item but it’s not reflected in the OHA (on-hand available) quantity in the system. You can “force” allocate an item in Order Entry. This override function is password protected and should only be used when appropriate.

After entering the item number in an order, and at the quantity prompt, enter the quantity you want to force allocated followed by “/F” (example – 1/F). The screen shot below displays the override function when you type a “?” at the quantity prompt.

When you enter the quantity followed by the “/F” then CODIS will prompt you for the “force-allocate” password. Enter the password and the item will be allocated regardless of the system’s calculated availability of the item.

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