Forcing Customer Number Entry in Product Stock Inquiry

When in Product Stock Inquiry, 10/10/10 from the main CODIS menu, you can force the entry of a customer number before prompting for a part number. This helps prevent giving a customer the wrong cost of an item. More over it helps prevent giving a customer price and availability of an item that they may not be allowed to purchase due to territorial restrictions. To force customer number prompting in Product Stock Inquiry from the Order Entry Functions menu, set field 60 to “Yes” in the Client Options codes record. This can ONLY be done by a user with System Utilities access.

Once the Client Options codes record has been modified Product Stock Inquiry will automatically prompt for a customer number BEFORE prompting for a part number. If you need to bypass entering a customer number you can type a period or backslash at the customer prompt and proceed to part number prompting.

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