Password Protecting Order Entry Access for a Customer Account

Occasionally, you may want to limit Order Entry access to a particular customer account. Perhaps a very limited number of people should have the ability to enter orders for the account. You can password protect Order Entry access by adding a “Password” codes record. From the main CODIS menu, go to System Utilities.

From the System Utilities menu, go to Edit Codes File Records.

At the Code type > prompt, enter PASSWORD <enter>.

Type “A” <enter> to add a new codes record.

Add a record similar to the one in the following screen shot. Always enter “CUSACT” in the “Program name” field. Enter the account number of the account you want to limit access to in the “Password” field (I know, it’s not logical but do it anyway). Enter the password you want to use in the “Reference 1” field. Leave all other fields blank.

Order Entry access is now password protected for the account defined above.

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