Deleting Historical Ticket Notes

In as much as ticket notes are “historical”, they are not meant to be deleted. However, from time to time you may have a legitimate need to “delete” a historical ticket note. We’ve made provision for users with “manager” privileges to be able to delete a ticket note. The flashing “/TN” in the upper right side of the screen indicates there is a ticket note on this ticket.

Type “/TN” and press <enter> to display the ticket note.

If this ticket note contained erroneous information or was entered on the wrong ticket then users with manager privileges have option “D” to delete the note. Type “D” and press <enter>. The “D” option will not be displayed for users without manager privileges.

Type the logical record number and press <enter>. The logical record number is found in the ticket note text to the right of the date and time stamp.

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