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Purchase Order Quantity Sanity Check

When finishing a purchase order and an item(s) order quantity exceeds a 12 month supply (adjusted by backorder quantity, open order quantity, allocated quantity, on hand quantity, quarantine quantity, and missing on hand quantity) of an item(s), CODIS will alert the user. The intention of the alert is to help prevent accidentally ordering an erroneous quantity that would result in an overstock situation. The following screen shot displays items on the purchase order whereas the quantity ordered exceeds the previous 12 months movement. The setup date of the stock file record is also displayed. Enter “Y” to accept the purchase order ‘as is’. Enter “N” to return to the purchase order if you need to change the order quantities. Enter “A” to change the warehouse code(s) used in the ‘sanity check’ calculation (useful in combining warehouse movement).

Associating an Item with a Sales Type Code

Sales Analysis can be done based on Sales Type Codes. Report Writer reports can be done based on Sales Type Codes. An item can be associated with multiple Sales Type Codes. For example, an item may be defined as a ‘captive’ item but also be defined as a ‘filter’.

Associating an item with a Sales Type Code is done in Product file Maintenance however the Sales Type Code must exist before it can associated with the item. Add a Sales Type Code in the Codes File Editor. Go to 70/50 and enter code type TYPE_CODES.

In “A”, add mode and at the 6-chr filename prompt enter PRODCT.

Enter “50” at the Field# in file prompt.

Enter the reference number you want to associate with the Sales Type Code at the Field type code prompt. This determines where the new Sales Type Code is displayed when associating items with the new code in Product File Maintenance.

Enter a description for the new code.

Enter the same reference previously entered as Field type code at the Reporting code prompt.

The new Sales Type Code designated as Filter has been added. From the main CODIS menu, go to Product File Maintenance, 20/30/70. Enter the manufacturer code and part number of the item you are associating with the code.

Enter “37” to view or change the Sales Type Code on the item being displayed.

Enter “C” to change/associate the item to the new code.

The newly added code, FILTER appears on reference line 24. That’s the number you associated with the code when you added it earlier. Enter “24” to flag/associate the item with the new code.

The flag has been set. Press <enter>.

Press <enter> when done.

Type “Y” to save your changes.