Changing Date Ranges in the Price Matrix Editor

When promotional pricing exists in a price matrix and the valid date range for the promotional pricing has expired or is incorrect you can change the expiration date to extend the promotional pricing or make any necessary corrections to the date range.

From within the Price Matrix Editor, while displaying the price matrix you will see an ‘H’ option at the bottom of the screen. This option allows you to make the date range changes.

The date range defined for the item (BS, 4101) on line 2 has expired. We want to extend the promotion through the end of the month. Type ‘H’ <enter>.

Type ‘E’ <enter> since we only want to change the end date.

Type the end date to be replaced and press <enter>.

All records in the price matrix with a previous end date of 1-10-13 have been updated to 01-31-13.