Editing an Automated Job

You can edit automated jobs from within the “Auto Jobs” function. Previously, many users would edit auto jobs by transferring the auto job to an external text editor such as notepad, making the changes, then transferring the auto back to CODIS. Transferring the auto job to an external text editor is no longer necessary.

Select the auto job to be edited.

Select the ‘M’ (more) option.

Select the “E’ (edit) option.

Scroll to the text you want to edit using the appropriate scroll key(s).

Edit the area(s) of the auto job as needed.

I’ve edited the number of days from 20 to 30.

Use Ctrl Z to save and exit the text editor.

Your changes have been saved.

A word of caution – the text editor does not validate your changes (no sanity check) so you should be aware of exactly what effects your changes will have on the auto job.