Charging Freight Charges to a Customer’s ‘Special Freight Account’

When a customer requests that outgoing freight charges be billed to their own UPS/FEDEX/ etc. freight account then CODIS will pass the customer’s freight account information to your manifest system. To correctly set the account up to accomplish this requires you add the appropriate flags to the customer’s account.

In Customer File Maintenance, screen 2, line 14 set the appropriate flag.

The program prompts for the customer special freight account number (UPS is being used as a generic description – enter the customer shipper account even though it may not be a UPS account).

On screen 6, line 1 set the ‘H’ as a default order option. This prevents CODIS from adding freight charges to the customer’s invoice that are passed back from your manifest system.

NOTE – DO NOT USE THE DEFAULT ORDER OPTION OF ‘P’. Previously, a default option of ‘P’ would accomplish the same result HOWEVER use of the ‘P’ will NOW result in no special freight account information being passed to your manifest system and no freight charges will be added to the customer’s invoice. This change allows you to ship an order to the customer as a true PREPAID order (not charging the customer’s special freight account and not adding the freight charges to the customer’s invoice) when making use of the ‘P’ at order entry time or in your freight policy.