Retaining Price on a Backordered Item Even if Superseded

We’ve added a new order option that will allow retention of a customer price on an item even if the item is superseded. For example, a customer orders part number 1234 at $2.00. Part number 1234 is backordered then subsequently superseded to part number 5678 which should sell to the customer at $2.50. Even though we recommend re-pricing’ backorders since the price difference can be substantial, the new option of ‘b (that’s a lower case “b” preceded by a single quote as in ‘b) will price the superseding part of 5678 at $2.00 (the original price of part number 1234).

The option can be set at order entry time for the current order only or as a default in the customer record for those customers you wish to always lock-in the backorder price, even when the item is superseded. It may be something to consider for mass merchants or very large customers that won’t pay a price other than the price they were originally quoted (expected to pay).