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Creating a basic purchase history report for a dealer

You want to create a report of all purchases for a single dealer that has all parts purchased the previous year. Below is the steps you would take within Sales Analysis to create such a report.

From the main menu select 60 then 15.

Enter “/SPEC” inorder to report at the part number level.

Enter the ending month and year. EX:12,13 (December 2013)

Press Enter to create a new SPEC file.

You will see a large list of options you can select by. If none of them are needed just press enter and proceed.

At the report on (B)ill or (S)hip Whse prompt you will need to enter “B/PART”
This will report on the filling warehouse and allow the part number to be added to the report output.

Press Enter to use the newly created SPEC file.

If the ending month displayed is correct press enter.

If you want to report on 12 months press enter or define the number of months. Confirm your selection.

Select by customer by entering Y and then choose to select by account number (option 1).

Enter the account number you wish to report on. Confirm your selection.

Press enter if you do not wish to select by customer in any other way.

Press enter if you do not wish to select by manufacturer code.

Press enter if you do not wish to select by product code.

Press enter if you do not wish to report by customer sales history account.

Press enter if you do not wish to report any zeros on the report.

Select the items you wish to report. The example above that I mentioned you would want to select the following.
This will provide a CSV file that contains headers and has a live item for each part purchased by this customer.

You can choose one of the listed options to subtotal, create a new page for or a new report file for. I did not select any of these options.

Select report style 2 and either choose QTD figure or Same month last year figure.

That completes the reporting selection criteria. Next you will be given the option to name the report, print the report, create a unique file extension, and have the option to create another report file based of the selection criteria you have defined.

Submit the job to run and wait for a mail notification the job has completed. Sales Analysis can take a while to run because the report is scanning 24 months of order details one part number at a time.