Ship ASAP Backorder Processing

As a rule, ‘stock’ backorders ship according to the backorder processing method associated with the customer’s account (established in Customer File Maintenance). Backorders are typically allocated and released based on days allocated and/or dollar value. They can be shipped along with another outgoing order or shipped as part of a scheduled backorder release. On occasion, a customer may request that a ‘stock’ backorder release and ship as soon as it becomes available for shipment. The request may be made at order entry time or after-the-fact.

You can flag backorders to ‘ship ASAP’ during order entry in the order header, thus flagging all backorders on the order to process this way.

Toggle on the order option ‘g in field 6 of the order header.

You can flag individual items to ‘ship ASAP’ at the line item level by using the ‘SA’ option at the ‘V?’ prompt.

Change the flag from ‘N’ to ‘Y’.

Change the backorder after-the-fact in Backorder Edit/Inquiry.

Edit the backorder using the ‘E’ option within the program.

While in edit mode and at the specific backorder use the ‘/SA’ option to change the ‘ship ASAP’ backorder processing option.

Change the flag from ‘N’ to ‘Y’.

The ‘ship ASAP’ backorder processing flag has been set but an automated job/scheduled task must be created that will run at a predefined time of day that will check for any ‘ship ASAP’ backorders that have been received into stock.

Run the Backorder Allocate and Release program selecting the ‘Customers to Release’ option #12.

Save the job as an ‘automated’ job and schedule it run each work day at the time you’ve determined to be best (mid-afternoon).

Regarding freight charges – many freight policies provide for prepaid or allowable freight charges when shipping backorders. With this type of backorder freight policy it’s usually integrated with the practice of importing backorders onto new orders and only shipping standalone backorders when no new orders have been placed for a period of time or the backorder dollar total exceeds a specific dollar value. The ‘ship ASAP’ backorder processing mechanism provides for defining a freight policy other than the ‘normal’ policy so as to recoup (not ship prepaid or allowable freight) the shipping costs.

Field 40 of the Freight Terms codes record allows you to override the freight policy when a ‘ship ASAP’ backorder is being processed.