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Editing CODES File Strings

Many codes file records can contain a string of values whereas various programs look up those codes file record values in the execution of the program.

For example, the freight poster program may look up product codes relative to a specific freight policy in the ‘GS’ general string codes records. The list of product codes are stored in field 3 of the ‘GS’ codes records and adding, deleting, or editing the product codes could be tedious, especially when the string/list is lengthy (as seen in the screen shot below).

A new mechanism has been developed to display the string of values in a popup box that provides a more efficient method of editing.

Enter ‘C’hange mode, retrieve the codes record you want to edit and enter the field number to edit.

Enter ‘/B’ <enter> to display the values in a popup box.

The popup box displays each value and an associated line number. You can ‘A’dd or ‘D’elete values as needed. If a value has been previously entered incorrectly then you can delete the old value/line number and add the correct value back into the list.

Enter ‘D’ <enter>.

Enter the line number you want to delete.

You can continue deleting values or enter ‘\’ <enter> to return to the ‘A’dd, ‘D’elete prompt.

Enter ‘A’ <enter> to add a new value.

Enter the line number you’re adding/inserting.

Enter the new value. Since the value being adding must be a valid product code, the new mechanism is able to validate the value entered.

The mechanism is available when editing other codes records whenever you see the ‘/B’ indicated as displayed in the following example.