Monthly Archives: October 2017

Receiving Status Identification

Enhancements have been made to the receiving system to provide receipt batch status identification. As we know, a shipment gets added to the receiving system when an electronic invoice is received from a vendor. A shipment can also be added to the receiving system when a manual (emailed, faxed, mailed) invoice is entered.  Invoices are added prior to the shipments actually arriving at the receiving warehouse dock. Functionality has been added allowing a user to designate/set the date a shipment arrives at the receiving warehouse.

From the initial Enter/Edit batch level display, use the ‘/K’ option to set the ‘at_dock’ date and time.


Acknowledge setting the ‘at_dock’ date and time by typing ‘Y’ <enter-key>.


The receipt batch displayed on line 6 now displays the ‘at_dock’ status. The display the date and time the batch was set to ‘at_dock’ use the ‘/T’ option.


Various dates and times are displayed.


When a put-away/receipt has occurred in a batch the status changes from ‘at_dock’ to 1st-rec’, indicated a receipt has occurred.


Use the ‘/T’ option to display various dates and times.


If you ONLY want to display batches that have been set to ‘at_dock’ status whereas receiving has NOT started you can add ‘/K’ when choosing the operational mode (example – 2/K)


Only ‘at_dock’ batches are displayed for the warehouse designated.


The ‘at_dock’ and ‘1st-rec’ status indicators are displayed when inquiring on in-transit shipments within Product Stock Inquiry using the ‘/IT’ option.