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Receiving System – Hot Item List

Identifying item receiving priority when a shipment arrives can be easily accomplished with the ‘Hot Item’ report within the receiving system.

In the receiving program, go to Entry/Edit mode.

Enter the warehouse code.

Enter the line# associated with the batch you want to scan for Hot Items, followed by ‘/J’ (example 16/J). You can also create a Hot Item report of all batches by entering ‘/J’ then specify ‘ALL’ at the line# prompt. Only shipments that are flagged as ‘at-dock’ or ‘1st receipt’ will be displayed.

Enter report 17 to display the Hot Item report.

If the batch is at the dock or receiving has begun then items not yet put away are displayed for those part numbers with backorder quantities, and no or low on hand along with an average 30 days sales quantity.

Additional carton information can be displayed by selecting the line# associated with the part number.

As with any popup display, you can print the report and create csv output by using the ‘//P’ option.