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Predefining Message User Input Prompting

When you are required to collect/enter specific information during or after an order it’s helpful to add automatic prompting to standardize the data collection and reporting process. CODIS allows you to predefine the data collection promptings and then associate the predefined message promptings to the required account(s). Probable/common uses would include orders for warranty items requiring model/serial/date of purchase information, orders requiring finance authorization information, and predefining the preamble for entering tracking/bol/pro number information.

Use the ‘Edit multi-line message numbers’ program found on the System Utilities menu.

Add a new message, defining the message position, print option, and save in history flag as your preference dictates. Add each on the data collection requirements on a separate line as shown in the example below. By default, messages don’t automatically prompt for user input. The highlighted note indicates how to enable user input prompting.

From the Systems Utilities menu, use the Codes File Editor to edit codes type ‘ME’. Multi-line messages assign a sequence number to each line starting with sequence 0 (zero) therefore a 4 line message would assign sequence numbers zero through 3. Edit/change field 9 from ‘N’ to ‘Y’ to require user input prompting.

Edit/change field 10 to define the message text prompt description and save your changes.

Be sure to edit/change each of the codes file records that will require user input prompting. The screen shot below displays the fully edited records for sequences zero and 1.

The screen shot below displays the fully edited records for sequences 2 and 3.

In Customer File Maintenance, edit the account(s) that require the data collection user input prompting by adding the message number to screen 6, line 12 then save your changes.

The following screen shots display each user input prompt along with the message text prompt description defined in field 10 of the respective ‘ME’ codes record.


Message prefix along with the user input is added to the order detail when you press <enter-key> and the user is prompted for the next data input item.






Once all user inputs have been completed you may proceed with the order.