Order Edit

Select Order Edit / List (option # 2 from the main menu)

At the password prompt, type the order edit password and press <enter>.

At the order number prompt, type the order number and press <enter>.

The order will then appear on the screen as follows:

The cursor will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen, prompting the user to select any of the listed options (same as in order entry, except options P and X). When editing an order, you can (A)dd an item, message, or sundry charge, (C)ancel the order, (E)dit a line, (L)ist the items on the order, return to the (H)eader for editing in one of the header fields, and then (F)inish the order after all editing is complete.

Option P prints the edited order and option X takes the order directly to the invoicing process. Once all editing is completed, finish the order by typing F <enter> at the appropriate prompt. If you made changes, the program will ask if you want to reprint the order. It is recommended that you only reprint the order if you have the original in hand to avoid duplication.