Pick-Ticket Ship-Confirmation

Select Pick Ticket Ship Confirmation (option # 3 from the main menu)

At the password prompt, type( password)<Enter> then at the order number prompt type (order number)<Enter>. .

The order detail will then appear on the screen as follows:

The cursor will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen, prompting the user to select any of the listed options. The explanations are:

  • A Abort the invoicing process. Any changes are not updated
  • H Allows changes to be made in the header area
  • C Allows quantity changes to be made before invoicing
  • L Lists the part numbers on the order for review
  • F Finishes the order and asks for the appropriate shipping charges
  • P Prints the invoice immediately at the default printer
  • S Suspends the invoicing process on this order

R Allows you to reprint a corrected order